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“When you help someone, you help Everyone.”Kay Tracy, Disability Lawyer
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She is no longer with the LA firm Health Advocates/Leibovic Law Group LLP.
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Social Security for Adults Who Can't Work Due to Medical/Psychological Conditions & Disabled Children -

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I graduated from a small Midwestern liberal arts college (Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska), in three years instead of four. I received vocal music and academic scholarships, plus it was close enough to go home to do laundry.   I sang with the choir at Tanglewood and did summer theatre at Mt. Holyoke. Then law school and a three-year slog over contracts, under Wills and Trusts, zigging and zagging between the Uniform Commercial Code, Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy — and, Tax (yuck, by the way). Whereupon, I found myself in the civil trial clinic.

Trials are plays where dialogue is completely unpredictable.  “Is the defendant the person who entered your shop and bashed you about the face with a 9 mm handgun?”  “No,” said the victim. (Was I even in the correct courtroom?)  In the rotunda, after the case was dismissed, the victim realized it was, indeed, the right guy. He just hadn’t recognized the guy without his hat.        Likewise, it is fair to expect a resounding “Yes!” to the question: “Does this picture fairly and accurately represent what you saw when you looked through the viewfinder of your camera and took a picture [of the victim with a finger-print pattern of bruises around her throat]?”  But,“No,” said the genetically obtuse domestic violence advocate. This meant the jury did not get to see this damning piece of evidence.  After her testimony, during a break and under intense scrutiny from me, I got, “Well. It wasn’t a very good picture.” I still remember the stabbing icepick pain behind my left eye when I think about it. (We won anyway, duh.)

Unlike criminal law, insurance defense and the ever popular corporate taxation, Social Security law is an area you have to trip over to find, as I did when working for Legal Aid in 2004.  Social Security cases are downright lackadaisical. There are up to three years to get the evidence in shape.  Very few numbers to add. There is no opposing counsel to make obstreperous objections; no pesky rules of evidence to prevent witnesses from explaining themselves.  X-rays and MRIs are always (Okay, usually) what they purport to be.  Claimants rarely say, “Oh, yes! I can work.”  It also satisfies my genetic predisposition to help people less fortunate than I. What’s not to love?

Law school trains even the most untempered mind to understand stuff like the Social Security Act of 1935 (SSA), as amended; the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the Program Operations Manual (POMS) the Hearing Office Procedures (HALLEX); Social Security Rulings (SSRs) and federal court case law once you know how to find it.  But doing it well, actually winning cases, takes practice.  I’ve been doing this, all day, every day for 105 dog-years.

Now, I just want to help people.  I can’t help everyone.  But I can share the information I have, for free, to anyone who wants it.  That’s what this website is all about.

Kay Tracy, piano lesson

To this:
Lesson with Andy Wasserman using the ChordieApp which shows you what’s going on both with the keyboard and staff. (Cool.) (I still can’t play it.) It was supposed to be all-white keys, a C Major scale. But a black key (F#) showed up where it had no business being. There should not have been a black key. But, there it was and the sound was good.


> My original composition: Sunday Afternoon at the F# Lydian Café (played by a computer program). I can hear it in my head and write it which came after plunking around on a keyboard.  When you listen to it, it sounds fine. But when you look at the notes on a staff it makes no sense. (C Major scale with an F#.  If you’re into this kind of thing, ask me.)  This musical puzzle led to private video lessons with Andy Wasserman regarding George Russel’s Lydian Chromatic Concept and Theory of Tonal Gravity. Andy is an outstanding performer, composer, teacher and Music Therapist. https://andywasserman.com/arts-in-ed/holistic-music-healing   Jazz Great George Russell’s theory explains the underlying grammar of music. He has an entire series of compositions dedicated to Wholistic Music Healing.  Since Covid, Andy has been sharing his music (for free) on YouTube and Roku which he calls his Couch Tour. . It keeps me sane. https://andywasserman.com/piano/live-stream-concerts